Friday, 23 June 2017

Last word on Gonski

GONSKI 2.0 has passed and here are some of the facts.

State and territory Gonski agreements will not be honoured. This is the worst part because it means billions in vital funding that was to flow to schools in the next two years will not be delivered. Some schools will only get 10% of the money they need to ensure they can keep improving teaching and learning and provide the one-on-one support children need.

 Public and private school funding will be set at a fixed rate. Public schools everywhere except the NT will receive 20% of their required funding (set by a Schooling Resource Standard or SRS) and private schools will receive 80% from the Federal Government. These fixed proportions were never specified by the Gonski Review and give lie to the claim of the Government that it is delivering a “needs-based” funding system. Originally the Turnbull plan was to take 10 years to get schools to the 20% and 80% point but now it will take six years. The extra spending involved in reducing the timeframe is $4.9 billion over a decade.

State and territory governments will have to increase their funding. As part of the Gonski agreements, state and territory governments agreed to put one third of the funding needed to ensure public schools reached 95% of the SRS in 2019 (2022 in Victoria). The Turnbull plan announced last month involved no commitment from the state and territory governments but this was changed in the Senate. Now states and territories will be forced to increase their spending to 75% of the SRS over six years and they face the loss of funding if they do not. Even if they do contribute their share, public schools will not reach the 95% point until 2023.

Schools will remain woefully underfunded for students with disability. The Federal Government will cut funding next year for students with disability to SA, WA, the ACT, Tasmania and the NT. This is completely unacceptable given the high levels of unmet need in this area.

So the bottom line is, the plan is not as bad as originally proposed by the Turnbull Government but it is still not good enough.

Many public schools will have to wait at least six more years to get to the point where they have enough resources to ensure no child misses out.

Schools will also have to scale back the plans they have put in place for next year to continue the huge improvements they have made to teaching and learning with the first four years of Gonski funding.

Already the ALP and the Greens, who have strongly supported public education and opposed the final Turnbull plan, have said that there needs to be a much greater investment in public schools.

There will only be a very modest increase in funding for Glen Park next year and going forward. That will not effect us greatly. It would have been nice to have got what we were promised from the first deal which was $90 000 over 5 years. All we have had is the state government contribution of $15000 over 3 years and $800 (Yes $800) from the Commonwealth for 2017-18.


Thursday, 22 June 2017

Lime spiders

We made lime spiders and they were a big hit!

Gonski passes

Labor has vowed to fight on after Gonski Lite passed the Senate:

Labor declared the coalition would "rue the day" its reforms were passed, vowing to fight against the schools funding package all the way to the next election.

"I will not forget and we will not forget that this legislation is not fair, it is not needs-based, it is not sector-blind," opposition education spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek said.

"There is nothing worse that this parliament can do than rob the children of Australia of hope and opportunity, and that's what you have done," she told coalition MPs.

Labor vowed to restore every dollar cut by the coalition.

The Gonski 2.0 package will ensure underfunded schools reach funding targets in six years instead of 10 and $50 million will be spent on a transition fund for Catholic and independent schools over 12 months.

The government also agreed to a new watchdog conducting a review of the schooling resource standard, which is the basis of the new needs-based funding model, and a guarantee the states won't withdraw their funding as more federal money flows through.

The reviews can address whether the commonwealth, states, territories or authorities are not distributing funding on a needs basis, or whether schools are being over or underfunded.

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young said struggling students had waited far too long.

"It is a relief we finally have some commitment to bring forward the obligations to ensure that our schools right across the country that are underfunded can start to catch up," she said.

Outgoing Liberal senator Chris Back, who had threatened to vote against the package, climbed aboard after the minister agreed to extend existing arrangements for Catholic and independent schools for a year.

The Greens refused to vote for the bill because of this transition package, but the government successfully negotiated instead with the crossbench.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham said the Gonski 2.0 scheme would ensure equal federal funding for students no matter where they lived, providing incentives for states and territories to meet their end of the funding bargain.

Schools will see changes to the money they receive from 2018.


Here's how Gonski 2.0 works for schools:

* Still calculates schools funding with a base per-student amount (known as SRS) plus loadings to compensate for poorer, disabled, non-English speaking and indigenous students and schools that are small or remote.

* The per student base amount in 2018 will be $10,576 for primary students and $13,290 for secondary school students.

* Those amounts will be indexed at 3.56 per cent a year through to 2020, and move to a floating indexation based on inflation and wage increases from 2021 (with a minimum increase each year of 3 per cent).

* Government funding to private schools takes into account a measure of parental capacity to pay. How that's calculated will be reviewed and may change in 2019. In the meantime, $46 million in transition funds will be available to Catholic and independent schools in 2018.

* The commonwealth share of funding will move to 20 per cent of SRS for public schools and 80 per cent for private schools - more than its average share now and in line with historical arrangements.

* Schools below the SRS will move up over six years and schools above SRS will move down over 10 years.

* Total commonwealth school funding will increase by $23.5 billion over the next decade

* State and territory governments are expected to make up the rest (ie 80 per cent for public schools and 20 per cent for private). Late changes to the legislation lock in regular increases to make sure states reach these required amounts over the next six years or at the very least don't cut funding..

* An independent National School Resourcing Board will be established to keep an eye on how the states and other school authorities distribute funds to schools and review funding levels and other matters, including how parental capacity to pay is calculated. This board will cost $7.2 million over four years.

* Businessman David Gonski, who led the 2011 review of school funding, has agreed to head a new review of the most effective ways to spend money to improve student achievement.

Glen Park will see very little money and state governments will be under continued financial pressure over education funding.

In fact Tanya Plibesek just tweeted this: We will restore every dollar the Liberals have cut – Labor will never give up on Australia’s school children

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Preparing for term 3

I put up my pin board display for The Wind in the Willows which we should start a few weeks into next term. I'll create the library display during the holidays.
I also completed a sample popularity pop up graph for Five Children and It. 
Amy got into trouble because of some limes in Little Women so we thought we'd try some limes. We found them sour but with s different taste than lemons. Some liked it.
Lovely morning this morning but now overcast. It will be interesting today to see how Gonski goes. They didn't vote on it last night but the numbskull cross benches have agreed to it. Thankfully they were able to get another $5 billion inserted earlier ( not $22 billion though) and some sort of lame body to monitor state government spending on state education. ( which would only effect Liberal state governments anyway. They are they only ones who slush state education!) 
I'm sure Turnbull will huff and puff about Hanson today too AFTER SHE VOTES FOR GONSKI.
Great to hear some impassioned responses on radio and Twitter today!
My grade 3 student with some peer tutoring completed her first PieerPoint today on Komodo dragons.
An excellent response to Hanson 
Hanson probably got it from these two idiots!
More lime sucking!!!
Gonski vote has sadly passed but Bill Shorten states today in Parliament the ALP will overturn cuts to penalty rates and cuts to education once it is in government. Good! Teachers and the AEU will keep you to that!

Hanson is bat-shit nuts!

Pauline Hanson came out today in Parliament and said disabled children, particularly autistic children should not be taught in mainstream school because teachers have to spend too much time with them! 
I don't think she realisse that there are autistic children that function at a much higher level than she does! ( watch her's painful!)
I should quote Phillip Adams here: "Pauline Hanson is a fart from the deep colon of the Australian psyche."
Tony Martin : What about moving all the really stupid senators to a different building.
Michael Carlton: What would she fucking know ? My son's had four caring, diligent, inspiring teachers at his state primary school. So grateful for them.
Autism Awareness Australia condemns the appalling, archaic & cruel words of Hanson today.
Bill Shorten: Heartbreaking and upsetting for parents of children with autism to hear Pauline Hanson say their kids don't deserve the same opportunity.
J. Fearnly: Pauline Hanson "we need to get rid of kids with autism from mainstream classrooms". No, we need to get rid of you from mainstream politics.
They couldn't even manage a mild rebuke: Tweeted by Senator Wong: Refusal by @Birmo to repudiate Hanson & stand up for students living w disability shameful & pathetic. Australians deserve better .
Once again Woolworths have sent this promotional shit to my school and once again I've dumped it off at one of their stores in Ballarat!

Gonski lite gets through

Compliant Liberal Party Stooges on the cross bench and the Greens . ( The Human Headline Hinch seems proud to support a plan that will deny Victorian public schools $630 million in the next 2 years will Apparently pass Gonski lite tonight. The true ramifications of this will be seen in the months and years to come. The main stream media will move on from Education now until the next scandal and schools and state education systems will just have to pick up the pieces and deal with it. We won't be worse off here but we Gould have been a lot better off! I wonder what slimy deals were done with the Catholics behind closed doors? Liberals can't claim cuts to Labor's schools plan in 2014 budget as a saving if they don't think the dollars  existed in the first place. Apparently they can?


I completed my mid-cycle review today with my SEIL and some other principals. I think it went well.
Ballarat Winter Festival starts on July 1st.
I'm starting to read Five Children and It and the Railway Children today. My What Katie Did and Little Women unit will be posted on TPT on the weekend 
At the same time this idiot government wants to impose a university standard English test on migrants wanting to become citizens!
From Tanya Plibesek today 23/06/17
2:08AM: Liberals ram school cuts through Parliament, sending public schools backwards while elite private schools get big increases

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

TV Advert

We made our TV advert today. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
Thanks Travis
While the discredited and inept Turnbull government plods along with their Gonski 2.0 negotiations with the Greens ( Here's a shock....they are talking about concessions to the Catholics.....who could possibly have guessed that happening. Below are the Greens negotiators and reminder about Liberal/National liars.
Tania Plybesek: '90% of schools in Australia think Malcolm Turnbull’s funding policy stinks – it’s time for the Liberals to go back to the drawing board.'
HOORAY 111000 views!

Monday, 19 June 2017

Orwell's 1984 manuscript


This morning's kookaburra photo.
Sunrise this morning and owl in a tree craft activity for our nursery rhymes theme.
Separated at birth.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Paper Bag Princess on TPT

My Paper Bag Princess unit is now on TPT for a mere $2.00
Go to :

and here is the Leviathan unit by Scott Westerfield.
I originally put this up on TPT last year but someone complained that Id plagiarised someone else's work. They found the unit on Scott Westerfield's official website! Shock horror! So I got a lecture from TPT and the unit was airbrushed out of history......The problem was, nobody bothered to notice that the unit on Scott's site... WAS MINE! da da!
Anyway, I forgot Scott had put in on his site, (There's an endorsement for you!) This is an updated unit from that one and has my original illustrations instead of the book's illustrations....anyway. I stumbled on it today and decided to put it back on....FOR FREE! So download and enjoy. (I used the unit last year and the kids liked it.


Popped up to work this morning to clean and add mid cycle review comments to my Principal Performance Plan. Very mistyvtodsy.
Yesterday afternoon I dropped off the last 70 newsletters around the Brown Hill area. We make the TV advert on Tuesday. I'll have to study my lines on the weekend.
Nice and sunny when I left. Had to stop for swans on the way home.

Taking a while but truth will tell!

New data on Gonski 2.0 short changing kids is revealed. This is about getting the funding RIGHT! 
The extract below is from The Guardian

The Turnbull government school plan cuts $1.2bn over 10 years from schools compared with regular increases in current legislation, according to a parliamentary budget office costing prepared for Senator David Leyonhjelm.

The costing has reportedly prompted Leyonhjelm, a small-government libertarian, to reconsider his opposition to the Gonski 2.0 school funding plan but could spell trouble for the government among crossbench parties who have argued for more funding for needy schools.

According to the government, Gonski 2.0 increases funding by $18bn over 10 years) compared with current levels, while Labor focuses on the fact it is a $22bn cut relative to funding promised in needs-based funding agreements with the states.


And yes Mathew Knott ( Fairfax) teachers are still fighting for Gonski ( teachers, not the union) and will continue to fight for it until it is delivered in full!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Samples for the Paper Bag Princess

Making a sample story map for the Paper Bag Princess

Sample dragon from The Paper Bag Princess

Morning tea