Friday, 20 January 2017

President Trump

Writing his inauguration speech on a legal pad with a sharpie.
Announcing a 'take over' of the US during said speech which he apparently borrowed from Bane!

And a nice lady on Twitter fixed up Betty's tweet for her!

Joyce and Gonski

Seemingly there is no love lost between the Federal Nationals and NSW Nationals especially over Gonski. It doesn't surprise me that rural schools benefit more from Gonski because of the divide between metro and rural schools, what surprises me is that Federal Nationals and Victorian Nationals don't see that and actually come out in support of Gonski!

This story appeared in the Brisbane Times

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce's electorate of New England is among the biggest beneficiaries of additional "Gonski" funding over the past four years and among the likely biggest losers under the Coalition's school funding plan, a Herald analysis can reveal.

Nationals electorates at state and federal level were the biggest winners in the first four years of Gonski funding, receiving on average almost three times the amount that went to their Liberal colleagues' electorates, and more than 1.5 times Labor electorates.

But despite their electorates standing to lose the most from the Coalition's school funding policy, Mr Joyce and the federal Nationals have remained in lockstep with their federal Liberal colleagues on the issue, while NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli has championed the model

Asked to comment on the Nationals' large share of Gonski funding, Mr Piccoli, a National, said Gonski was designed to go to areas of highest need and make up for historical under-funding which had particularly affected regional areas.

And he slammed the political priorities of the Nationals' federal party leader, Barnaby Joyce.

"I think that the issues that Barnaby Joyce has been prosecuting are off target," said Mr Piccoli, who may lose his long-held portfolio in this week's expected reshuffle.

"The biggest issue in regional NSW is not that there's not enough brands of shotguns to be able to buy or the backpacker tax, it's that our children are underperforming at school - and that's across government, Catholic and independent schools.

Oh dear....DeVos might have been right.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Further homage to Poe

Certain types of literature readily invite gorgeous complementary artwork. Classic fairy tales, for instance, have attracted some magnificent illustrations over the centuries. But arguably the most haunting art for literary-literature is that accompanying the stories of Edgar Allan Poe. Nearly a century after Harry Clarke’s remarkable 1919 illustrations and shortly after the stunning graphic novel for Lou Reed’s adaptation of The Raven, French artist Benjamin Lacombe illustrated Poe’s Tales of the Macabre  in his signature style of gentle, eerie, endlessly evocative large-eyed creatures.
Sample illustration  below and link to the book.

By Maria Popova from her Brain Pickings blog
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When the reality of 'free education' hits home.

This story appeared in the Daily Mail this morning, they're probably right that there are parents all over Australia sending their children to state schools and deluding themselves that education is still 'free'. Well it is still a lot 'freer' than private schools ( put a few extra zeros on those expenses if you were going private Ms Bogan!) Parents buying teacher supplies is a new one on me. You wouldn't need 25 packs of white board markers for the school year so I imagine some of those are used by the kids. As governments cut back on funding state education and teachers get 'bolshie' about paying for their own teaching aids I suppose parents will be asked to pick up the slack? ( Don't worry, teachers will still be paying to do their work properly) 
Not for the first time I should say that this doesn't happen at Glen Park PS. Parents do not pay fees or buy pupil requisites. 

A mother-of-four has called back to school expenses a 'joke' after spending $578 on the mere basics for three of her kids.
A Facebook rant by Queensland woman Cindy Bogan has resonated across the country after the Schoolkids Bonus Scheme was scrapped and left parents to pick up the tab.
She said the hundreds of dollars did not include the cost of the compulsory school uniform, school shoes or backpacks – but the mere basics.
The public school her child attended asked each student to provide whiteboard markers for their teacher, at a cost of $88 for six packs of four, Ms Bogan said.( I assume that's her real name?)

She said she also had to provide tissues and A4 paper for teacher supplies.
The mother's Facebook post has been liked 4,100 times and shared more than 2,200 since she posted it last week.
Fellow parents across the country said they were also expected to foot the bill for whiteboard markers and tissues.
The Schoolkids Bonus was last paid in July last year, and will not continue in 2017.
Its axing means parents will lose up to $856 for each of their school aged children this year. 
Families with a combined household income below $100,000 will lose $430 per primary school aged child, and $856 per high school aged child each year.
The bonus had been dished out in two payments in January and July to help pay for school uniforms, books, sports and music, the Department of Social Services website says.
Without the bonus, 2017 will be $1,712 more expensive for an eligible family with two high school aged children, to save the government $4.5 billion. 

Welcome to the new world Ms Bogan. Make sure you vote for a party committed to Gonski reforms then maybe your child's school will be able equip their classrooms without seeking a parent contribution!

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Happy Birthday Edgar Allan Poe. Born 19 January 1809

Huzzah 96000 views!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Mysterious Easter Island alphabet

RONGORONGO is a 15,000-character writing system once used on Easter Island. No one knows how to read it.