Thursday, 27 October 2016


Our PST today helped the kids turn their notes from their experiments into PowerPoints. They did a great job.
To celebrate Teachers Day tomorrow I was invited to attend a special activity night with her Girl Guides troop. This is my third year. 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


A Tweeter I follow posted a photo of a permission slip they send home so students can read Fahrenheit 451 📚 🔥 Great idea. I wish I could find a good abridged version for younger kids.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


My PST, Tess has been going some fantastic work with the kids this week with more to come.
Below is s photo of a sign they made of the school using body shapes and they also did conducted science experiments looking at the best way to clean up oil spills. Tomorrow they have a lab report to complete. 

We are working through our Leviathan tasks at the moment including a battleship model and pop out scene.

I visited Sovereign Hillbto pick up our school photos.

A history tour I ran into at Ballarat Train station. 


A new edition of William Shakespeare's complete works will name Christopher Marlowe as co-author of three plays, shedding new light on the links between the two great playwrights after centuries of speculation and conspiracy theories.( This debate has gone on for centuries. I have an 1870s edition of collected works which has a forward by a renowned Victorian actor suggesting that Marlowe may have written some if not all of the plays) 

Marlowe's role in the Henry VI plays had been debated for centuries
Academics are extremely confident about Marlowe's authorship of some parts.
Collaboration between playwrights was normal in the Elizabethan period
Marlowe will be listed as co-author of the three Henry VI plays in the New Oxford Shakespeare, due to be published in several instalments over the coming weeks by the Oxford University Press.

Professor Taylor, a Florida State University expert, said academics had known for a long time that Shakespeare worked with other writers on some plays.
The idea that he collaborated with Marlowe on the Henry VI plays had been debated for centuries, but had not been possible to demonstrate before.
Professor Taylor said scholars had used databases of plays and other writings from the Elizabethan period, not just by Shakespeare or Marlowe but by many others working at the time, to search for distinctive words or combinations of words.

The academics who worked on the New Oxford Shakespeare, and others who had provided peer reviews of their findings, were extremely confident about Marlowe's authorship of some parts of the Henry VI plays, Professor Taylor said.

"There are parts that are very clearly by Shakespeare and there are parts that are very clearly by Marlowe," he said, adding that most of the best-loved passages were by Shakespeare.

Professor Taylor said that collaboration between playwrights was entirely normal in the Elizabethan period, and there was no suggestion of any great secret or conspiracy regarding Shakespeare's work with Marlowe.

The author of The Jew of Malta, Doctor Faustus and Edward II, Marlowe passed into British popular culture as Shakespeare's great rival, but Professor Taylor said that was speculation.

"It's possible they loved each other, it's possible they hated each other. We have no way of knowing," he said.

Monday, 24 October 2016


Emergency Preparedness and Response Training
Novotel Geelong
October 25th 

Reviewing EMP, and risk assessments.
OHS Audits a possibility. Documentation essential.
Emergency defined as something that totally disrupts the school.
( ie bushfire, flood, severe weather etc)
Table discussion about responding to a severe weather warning and the importance of BOM site and local knowledge. Also checking in with the SES.
Important to use the student activity locator when going on excursions.
Discussed incident management teams and the need for ' a shelter in place'.
Need to consider being part of the global community.
Watched a video featuring principal Susan Ogden from Dandenong High about a bomb threat she received at the start of the year when there was a spate of bomb threats ( 92 schools got threats effecting 36000 students)The bomb threat section of the EMP has been modified given the bomb threats made earlier this year.
Our main classroom is regarded as our designated 'shelter in place'.( Last resort if we can't evacuate but first resort in bad weather) Grass fire might be a big concern this summer. Remaining inside is the best option for us.
Discussed the Risk assessment aspect of the EMP.
Discussed the role of the IMT ( Incident Management Team)
When reviewing our EMP over the Christmas break we need to update our IMT roles and determine risk assessment, update emergency kits, communicate clearly with parents what we intend to do regarding evacuation and closure.
Communicate with local government about off-site evacuation.
These sessions would be more productive if they were undertaken for like schools with like issues. A lot of what was talked about today was for me impractical or irrelevant.


I organised one of the grade 2 excursions to Sovereign Hill today. Four small schools attended including Glen Park. My colleague, Alison is the grade 2 teacher there are she played the part perfectly and did a great job. I had one student going and she had a fantastic time.
I took a few sneaky photos ( I had to be careful because I was in costume and not supposed to use a mobile phone.)
Below is a photo of me and Alison and photos of my grade 2 student.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Hospital walk

Today was the Ballarat Walk/Run 2016 for the children's ward of the Ballarat Base Hospital. I went on the 6 km walk. Well done to Ballarat High School for hosting it this year.