Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Last swimming day

Mailing my families votes in Turnbull's  'Marriage Equality Survey'
Last day at the pool today.
We have made a lot of progeess but will need to go again next year. Parents continuing with swimming over the summer months will help greatly too. The YMCA is a terrific swimming venue except for the over officious nitwit who said I couldn't take photos of my own students in the pool...... We are lucky nonetheless to have it in Ballarat.
Close to the school!
Finishing off learning for Wind in the Willows 
I'm a little teapot and Toad Hall model 


Latest school news

Testing Year 1 students for basic literacy and numeracy skills may help to discover children who need extra help and improve long-term educational results, Federal Government Education Minister Simon Birmingham has said.

This means that all Year 1 students may soon be tested on their reading and maths two years before sitting the NAPLAN test.

On Monday, a report was released from the government’s commissioned expert panel, recommending a national test for Year 1 students.

In an interview with Channel Nine, Minister Birmingham said one in 20 children are not meeting the minimum literacy standards or skill sets when they get to Year 1.

“This is not a test, this is a in-school, in-classroom skills check that won’t be publicly reported or anything like that that relates to NAPLAN, but will give teachers, principals and parents a consistent platform to say: is my child, is my student actually meeting the type of standards we would expect after around 18 months or so at school?,” Minister Birmingham said.

But Queensland Government Education Minister Kate Jones slammed the proposal, arguing the Minister had failed to garner support from the states and territories at a meeting in Adelaide last week, which discussed the Federal Government’s proposed test. 

“No parent wants more exams for their children,” she said.

“Queensland schools already assess students’ readiness for school and their progress through Prep and Year One.

“We know from Queensland NAPLAN results that children in the early years are better prepared for school than ever.”

Ms Jones said the Gonski panel had given state, independent and Catholic education sectors only one month to give feedback on their terms of reference.


Victoria’s public schools will be forced to allow their female students to wear shorts or pants instead of dresses and skirts, following changes from the state government.

At present, in Victoria, it is up to each school to decide on its uniform policy.

Education Minister told ABC News he would introduce rules requiring public schools to give options for female students by the start of next year.

“There’s been a campaign — many parents’ organisations, students contacting me, contacting the Government — and I just thought this was a common sense decision to make,” Mr Merlino told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“The vast majority of schools provide the option of wearing pants or shorts for female students, but some don’t.”

According to the federal Department of Health, girls believe the fear of being judged or ridiculed is a barrier to participating in physical activity.

The move comes after the Western Australian Government announced similar changes to its uniform policy earlier last week.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Story map

Finished work on a work sample of a Wind in the Willows story map 
Canterville Ghost display and my Prep girl now reading pretty well at level 4-5
Spring garden

Finishing off Wind in the Willows

Hooray- 122000 views!!!
Higglety Pigglelty for Preps 
Alison working with my Prep student.
Working on the Wind in the Willows story map.
Lovely day for a change!!!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Last week

Last week of term 3
Sadly Simone's last Japanese lesson.
Hard to see the lovely birds but it's as close as I can get.
Designing a 'dress Toad for the open road' picture.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Jane Caro right again

From The Drum on Friday
"If you want to shift standards, you don't concentrate on literacy or numeracy. You concentrate on student wellbeing" Jane Caro always talks sense about public education.
Still not very well but I will hopefully get through this last week and be able to rest up for 2 weeks of the holidays. Hopefully spring will start. I think I can get away with 3 days at work these holidays .....hopefully.
I went up on Saturday to clean and meet with a family thinking of term? 
Lots of bulbs out. Pity the weather is atrocious!

Voting papers came for our family in this unnecessary postal 'survey' on other people's lives.

This week has seen a vote to slash university spending. Yet to go to the Senate

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


I haven't been blogging much and won't blog anymore for s while because I've had the flu and feel bloody awful. Of course I've been st work because impossible to get a CRT and too hard to plan for one anyway. It is so cold and miserable in Ballarat! Where is bloody spring????? Thanks to Karolina for calling in this morning and offering to take over and send me home. Not sure DET approves of that. Kids have been crook as well. I'll go to the doctors tonight after the bushfire prevention inspection!